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Butterfly Pea
Clitoria ternatea

Butterfly pea is great as a pH sensitive tea/food dye and is full of anitoxidents.

Butterfly Pea Seeds

Clitoria ternatea

Butterfly peas are a climbing vine with beautiful intense blue flowers. This plant is a nitrogen fixer that requires little maintenance to grow. 

Traditional medicine indicates a variety of medicinal properties. There have been  studies showing the flower’s ability to lower internal inflammation. This amazing flower is a medicine for a range of health problems from helping with common eye issues like conjunctivitis to induce brain health, and improving memory with an overall increased vitality.

This is a vine that likes to be trellised, grow like any other pea.


Butterfly Pea- Loose Tea

Butterfly pea has a unique blue flower that when steeped in hot water yields a beautiful turquoise tea. This tea is pH sensitive and will turn a bright pink when an acid such as lemon juice is added. This tea has a very mild taste and pairs well with other herbs such as lemon grass, green tea, or mamaki tea. It is also a great natural food dye, just try it when cooking rice! Traditionally, this tea is said to help with anxiety, improve mood, memory, and cognitive function, and contains antioxidants which can help with the symptoms of aging.

Above: Used as a tea, the butterfly pea makes a striking blue tea. Adding lemon will turn your tea purple or pink depending on the amount of acid added. Fun party trick!

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