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If you value health and well-being and want to live in harmony with others and the planet, you’re in the right place! Ono Gardens is a leader in farming sustainability, organic food and healing products, and building community. 

Our long-term vision is to continue growing organic food for our community, teach others how to be self-sustaining, grow their own food, and live healthier lives with our medicinal products. 

Watch this short video of our organic farm off the Hamakua Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii to learn more about us.

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Check out our Amazing High Vibration Health Products and start feeling your BEST! We offer everything from organic Butterfly Pea Tea, to organic Splianthes and organic Black Turmeric tinctures and more!

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Black Turmeric (Anti-Inflammation Tincture)
Spilanthese (Boost Immune System)
Butterfly Pea Tea (Support memory, hair, skin & nails)

Our products support you to have a healthy body, more energy, better memory and more!

If you struggle with…

  • Asthma, bronchitis, or pneumonia
  • Tooth aches, Inflammation, dermatitis,
  • Digestion issues, weight loss
  • Or other health issues

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Ono Gardens “Nitty Gritty” Volunteer Day!

Peach, Monica, Naia, Wayne, Michael, 4 Volunteers!
Monica, Naia, Peach, Wayne

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We know your time is valuable and we appreciate you spending some of it on our page. Come take a farm tour soon!

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