Ono Gardens Is Offering Memberships!

Ready To Live In One Of The Most Beautiful Places On Earth?

Ono Gardens is now in its 3rd stage of development and has an AMAZING opportunity for a limited number of people!

Here are the stages of our development: 

Stage One: To create a 5K sf common living space and plant the gardens.

Stage Two: To create infrastructure for community living and out cabins (water, electricity, internet).

Stage Three: To offer limited memberships to complete the dream of living in community with kind people on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii.

If you are interested in…

~ Community living so you’re not alone!

~ Beautiful gardens to enjoy year round!

~ Farm to table food! 

~ Amazing ocean views!

~ Building your own home!

~ And more!

This Limited Opportunity Is For YOU?

Contact Micheal at Tivana9@Gmail.com

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