Ono Product Catalog

Ono seeds are organically grown on the Big Island of Hawai’i. All seeds are hand harvested, cleaned and processed before shipping.

Vision – to grow and preserve seeds for posterity

Purpose – to keep plant strains alive and growing on planet Earth

Mission – to bring to the world the seeds needed for the survival of plants for future generations. We conserve seeds in a seed bank and educate others on how to do this. We share seeds with other seed banks and join the ranks of those doing the same.


If you have any questions or are interested in larger quantities of seeds please email us at: contact@onogardens.com

Or please feel free to donate to our vision!


Zing! - Spilanthes Tincture
Black Turmeric Tincture


Butterfly Pea - Loose Tea
Jamaican Mint - Loose Tea


Black Turmeric - Root
Butterfly Pea - Seeds
Spilanthes - Seeds
Yacon - Corm