Get to know your presenters! 

Michael Tivana is the co-founder of Ono Gardens back in 2014. He is a master gardener and farmer for over 14-years. Michael is an entertaining presenter making learning easy and fun! 

Erin Busch has been farming for Ono Gardens since the beginning in 2014. She has a bachelors in Landscape Design. She is our master bird lady and Jill or all trades! Erin has a wealth of knowledge. 

If you want to learn how to make medicine, these experts will tell you how! 


It doesn’t matter if you’re novice to making medicine tinctures or veteran! This class will teach you new things that you can implement right away and get your healing garden going, or take your medicine garden to the next level! 

There are 7-parts to support you! 

Feel confident to start your own healing herb medicine garden. Easy and fun class to follow!

Get started TODAY!