Ono Product Catalog

Ono seeds are organically grown on the Big Island of Hawai’i. All seeds are hand harvested, cleaned and processed before shipping.

Organic Healing Tinctures & Powders

Immune Boosting Trio: Spilanthes, Black Turmeric, Supergreens $50 (Save $10)
Organic Splianthes Immune Boosting, Tooth Ache Tincture $15-$20
Organic Black Turmeric Anti-Inflammation Tincture $15-$20
Sugergreen Health Boosting Blend: Kale, Moringa, Celery $20
Organic Moringa Super Powder antioxidants, anti-inflammatory with detoxifying properties $20
MRNA Spike Protein Treatment: Hinders attachment to cells, reduces blood clots and symptoms from shedding $15 (buy more & SAVE)

Amazing Organic Teas

Organic Butterfly Pea-Loose Tea: Said to help with anxiety, improve mood, memory, and cognitive function.
Organic Jamaican Mint - Loose Relaxing Tea. May improve digestion and reduce pain and inflammation.

Organic Seeds To Start Your Garden!

Organic Butterfly Pea-Seeds. Grow your own flowers and enjoy this amazing plant year round!
Organic Spilanthes Seeds. Traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory, stimulant, tonic, dentifrice, earache, gum disease, tooth aches, Lyme disease, and malaria.

Organic Medicinal Roots

Organic Black Turmeric-Root. Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, has been used medicinally for centuries to treat arthritis, asthma, and epilepsy.
Organic Yacón Corm. Benefits may include blood sugar regulations, lower bad cholesterol, help with weight loss, improve the liver, and boost digestive health.

Anti-Aging Products
(Coming Soon!)

Advanced Treatment Serum. Gives skin a daily dose of powerful nutrients that promote regeneration, rejuvenation, and protection for all skin types.
Seaweed Vitality Moisturizer. Alpha lipoic acid helps to shrink the appearance of pores and brighten skin tone to impart a youthful, radiant glow.
Natural Sun Protection Lotion. Guard against the sun's damaging rays the natural way, without artificial ingredients or chemicals.


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