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Ono Gardens Story:

There is a problem with farming on the planet today. Industrial monoculture farming is not giving the people the nutrition that they need to survive with health. This is a human being survival problem, and small scale farming is the solution to industrial farming. The Revolution in farming in 2022 is a natural solution. This revolution is the re-growth of the small farm.

Small farms pay attention to the natural world and its ability to provide nutrition to humanity. This revolution has been called natural farming, Permaculture, and now regenerative farming, and not only does the revolution employ ancient farming techniques it is also a laboratory for many new farming technologies to coexist to create nutritious super foods in abundance. Here at Ono Gardens we are an example of past current and future food producing technologies that guarantee the healthy survival of humanity.

Our goal when starting Ono Gardens was to be living a self reliant, sustainable life style. We needed a community, and land to grow our own food so we rolled out of the mainland US and to the Hamakua coast on the Big Island.

Ono is a weave of dreams with a few threads of commonality: grow our own food, provide our own energy systems, realize true freedom, and be healthy and happy. Here we are living our utopian dream since September 1, 2014. We are Virgo, good for organizing and setting structure. At this time we are ending our 8th year and our first cycle and beginning the next cycle. There are changes as some members are leaving and others are taking their place. We have high hopes for the future.

Our vision for the future is to thrive from diversified agriculture on the Hamakua coast leading to food sovereignty for not only ourselves but our community and those that become Ohana members online.

Introducing our team…

Michael Tivana

(Manager & Co-Founder)

Michael maintains and helps grow the amazing orchard, flower and produce gardens. He is living his tuopian dream through Ono Gardens and the greater Homakua Coast Community!



Mirth and merriment ambassador… and fruit picker. 


(Our Jill Of All Trades)

Erin has Lived and worked at Ono since 2018. She chose ono because of the sanctuary feel, the abundant plants and amazing people. She is an incredible asset supporting the plants, animals, and general maintenance. With her sustainable living values, Ono is the place to be!


(Our Elixir Queen)

Syrissa creates amazing edible products from Ono farms to the Homakua market. She also makes out of this world elixirs! Her creations are soon to be in stores! 

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