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A trio of oopsie babies joined us, wild hatched surprise, all were seramas which is the smallest breed in the world.

Chickening out at Ono Gardens!

Our newest additions to the farm, an eclectic group of chicken breeds and sizes!

Most are seramas which are the smallest breed in the world and have quail sized eggs. The adults average 8″ high and the roosters are far quieter than standard breeds. With very mellow dispositions they make great pets and emotional support chickens.

Picking up chicks at Ono Gardens!
My alpha rooster, he is a serama chicken which is the smallest chicken breed. Adults can stand 6-10" tall and look/sound a bit like a toy. Very cute.
Our two silkie hens decided to co-raise a batch of eggs. Took turns sitting on them as seen here in their moving box being introduced to grass.
Chicks are a bit older now, still cute.

We also have young standard egg layers for eggs and retired ladies for bug control. 

Mama Cass (cochin) and Greta (star spangled hamburg) looking suspicious.
Star spangled hamburg (Greta) and ayama cemani/phoenix cross (black one in front) and her daughter Silver in back.
Sir Rama (serama) and young Bernie (easter egger)
More chickens scratching in the long grass under the longon trees. Right to left: 2 gold laced wyandotte, ayama/phoenix, easter egger, 2 rhode island reds, and a barred rock butt.

A few more oopsie babies, still cute though.

Bought 3 barred rock chicks, two show typical coloring but the one in the back has different coloring now. Possibly Australorp?
another oopsie set of chicks, mother is an ayama-phoenix cross and father is a serama. Not sure what they will look like...
Chicken Butt...

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