Spilanthes Products

Spilanthes Achmillae

Spilanthes is an immune builder and is known as the toothache herb.

Spilanthes Seeds

Acmella oleracea

Beautiful when planted as an ornamental ground cover or border planting, it is also medicinal and makes an invigorating tea. It can be used to build up your immune system and is 40x more powerful than Echinacea. Traditionally you chew the fresh flowers for its analgesic effect, which is a very novel experience!

Plant seeds just under the surface of the soil. It likes moist, well draining soil. It will vine out into a ground cover.


Spilanthes Tincture: Zing!

Spilanthes can boost your immune system and act as an oral analgesic.

This incredible herb can be used to build up your immune system it has antifungal properties, treats infections and fights illness.

And is even an effective anti-wrinkle agent when used topically! (YES!)

Spilanthes is called the “toothache” plant and for good reason as it quickly eases tooth pain! Use it as a mouthwash and kill bacteria and viruses in your mouth as you fight tooth decay! It’s also used for the following:
  • Inflammation
  • Dermatitis
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • and more!
We have provided it as a tincture extracted with 40% alcohol and spilanthes flowers grown right here on our farm! This medicinal tincture tastes as strong as eating a flower directly and will give you that signature zingy buzz and numbing effect.
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