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We’re excited to support your learning to either start your farming exploration or take it to the next level! 

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Secrets of Hawaiian Edible Plants and Medicinal Herbs Class: 


LIVE Class: Harvest, Process, & Store Foods For Personal & Medicinal Use Is January 29th (Time: TBA)!

(Location Ono Gardens 29-362 Chin Chuck Rd. Hakalau, Hi)

Online class is available NOW…

Harvest, Process, & Store Foods For Personal & Medicinal Use!

If you are a farmer or novice to gardening, this class is for you! 

 Get ready to learn how to…

  • Harvest teas and other herbs

  • Process and store herbs for personal and medicinal use

  • Easily make a humidor for processing herbs

  • Make medicinal healing tinctures

You’ll also discover the common mistakes when making tinctures.