This Super Greens supplement is organic and certified naturally grown here at Ono Gardens.

We’ve included 3-incredible super foods! 

Super food #1 Kale includes:

  • Vitamin A (important for eye and bone health and a strong immune system),

  • Vitamin C (aids in cold and chronic disease prevention),

  • Vitamin K (good for blood clotting and bone building)

  • Folate (B vitamin key for brain development)

  • Alpha-linolenic acid

  • Omega-3 fatty acid

Super Food #2 Moringa supports:

  • Lowering Blood sugar

  • Lowering high blood pressure

  • Healing Heart disease

  • Decreasing brain fog or memory loss

  • Ending constipation and bloating

  • Weight loss

Super Food #3 Celery supports:

  • Heart health

  • Digestion function

  • Anti-inflammation

  • Memory

  • Improved blood sugar